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  1. I'm curious about why you're curious.

    我投了反对票——相信神可能有有趣的理由,but I don't think they lead inexorably to the Christian god you're presumably referring to,and I'm not convinced by them.

    That said,I'd like to speak to anyone who has a refutation of Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism to hand…

  2. 恩特斯拉 说:

    I am curious as to why your curious – I voted,though,所以你以后最好给我们讲个好故事。

  3. milkshake 说:

    whatever happened to the 3,4-difluorothiophene award?You know that I won't let you talk yourself out of your promise/

  4. drfreddy 说:

    我对宗教很着迷。尤其是它与科学的联系。I cannot for my life understand how some people manage to practice science and religion side by side.Remember纳米颗粒?Their creator James Tour is a 188金宝搏官网synthetic chemist — and a believer.I would love to hear him explain that.

    我,那么呢?我是无神论者,for good and for bad.

  5. 德米特里B 说:


  6. 马特 说:


    • drfreddy 说:

      我个人的问题主要是“没有证据的信仰”部分;看一篇精彩的文章here.科学要求你非常怀疑,宗教要求相反。Something like that.

      If you truly believe that scientific laws govern the Universe,as a scientist should,然后给神的干预留下很少的空间。而且,if there is no divine intervention,does God exist?不能干涉的力量有多强大?

      I have no intention of being condescending.一点也不。我很好奇你们中的一些人是如何同时实践科学和宗教的,尤其是你如何看待这样做没有利益冲突。

      最后,我不向任何人推荐无神论。It sure makes you feel lonely at times.但就我个人而言,I see no other option.

  7. 我想如果你真的对化学信仰感兴趣,你应该问我们是否相信2中心2电子键。举手示意?

    • drfreddy 说:

      Or why not 2-center-3-electron bonds,such as这一个,由Linus Pauling提出。

      One thousand positive experiments does not prove a theory,但是一个消极的实验可能就足够伪造它了。

      Religion seems entirely different in this respect;one thousand negative experiments are worth nothing in comparison to faith.

  8. Extremophile 说:

    "The reasons,each are only veils"

    所有的哲学家都得出这样的结论:为了证明某件事不存在,你需要到处寻找。现在,我认为说没有上帝是毫无意义的。As a result,atheism is another kind of belief.

    支持相反的论点要容易得多。如果你环顾四周,你可以看到绝对力量的影子,也就是说,like the movies in a cinema screen;you know if there is something on the screen,there should be the Source of it.“某物”的顺序很好,所以说它自己发生是荒谬的。Like,当你看到一件艺术品时,你知道有个艺术家创造了它。而且,that source is only veiled by the reasons.

    "Your task is not to seek for love,只是要寻找和寻找你自己所建立起来的一切障碍。”
    ― Rumi

  9. milkshaken 说:

    From Czech police records: ‘This domestic disturbance started when the bride was introduced to the family and grandmother observed "God is punishing you for not praying enough"

  10. 佩塞苏 说:

    我是无神论者,投了反对票。I don't think words like "very well in the order" and "an artist" are even helpful for believers.当我环顾四周时,I don't see an "order." I see diseases and chaos.我们的身体细胞一天内有数以百万计的突变。We have cancer,millions of people still fight against HIV.地球上几乎三分之二以上是水,但是只有三分之一的人能找到水喝。我不知道。May be I am a pessimist,但我是这么想的。

  11. 马特 说:

    我很快会看那篇文章的,drfreddy–it's a bit long for me to read while I'm at work..

    There are a number of ways I've heard people argue the case for religion in the science/religion debate: the origin of morality;the idea that our belief in the ability of the scientific method to provide us with proof about nature is itself another form of faith;the question of why we're alive and toward what we should strive.I'm sure there are many other examples,but I'll admit that I'm not the most well-versed on them.

    最后,我想我可以在实践科学的同时相信上帝,因为我看不到他们互相干扰。My faith doesn't hinder my ability to do chemistry in the slightest–in some ways,I see it as an opportunity to grow closer to God as I seek to understand creation.同时,I've found a great deal of joy and personal growth when it comes to moral issues,humility,how am I called to live out my life,等。科学和宗教只是刺激了整个人的不同部分,在我看来。

    To answer your other question,we all get to exercise free will.我们不是被要求做无心的奴隶,服从我们所说的一切(尽管一些宗教人士可能不同意我的观点)。I can cultivate a healthy dose of skepticism within myself while still being faithful to the church,或者至少认识到我还没有完全理解其中的一些教义。此外,如果上帝定期干预日常生活,自由意志就不会有多大意义。历史上有很多关于奇迹的书面报告(我承认,我很难相信他们,但如果你一开始对上帝的观念不感兴趣,I don't know that they would do much to convince you.

    不管怎样,我现在就只有这些了。我对这场辩论感兴趣,though,so I'm happy to keep going with it.

  12. 佩塞苏 说:

    现在我们有了一个化学硕士学位的教皇,I think we should ask his explanation too.

  13. 约瑟夫 说:


    • drfreddy 说:

      Let's find his email and ask him to explain himself!

      • milkshake 说:

        教皇只去了一所以化学制造业为导向的高中(类似于“Realschule”,而不是“健身房”),he has no chemistry masters.

        也,on unrelated subject:

        March 9th,2013年晚上10:28
        NOT forgotten!!A winner will be announced and a prize sent off!Rock solid promise.假设在三月底之前?

  14. PGCHECHM 说:


    这里必须避免无神论者和不可知论者之间的混淆。imho无神论只是另一种(尽管被蒙蔽了)信仰。I think that giving a definitive truth about something that cannot be proved (existence or non-existence) requires faith on both cases.

    我想最怀疑的态度是不可知论:没有人能证明这一点,所以我们不知道。每个人都可以自由地相信有没有上帝,or anything else.

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