It just struck me this page is gonna celebrate its fifth birthday this year.Myblogrollis seriously out of date.神圣废话,时光飞逝…

Old and new

无可否认,到最近为止,我还没有非常积极地搜索新的博客。And the other page I maintain,ChemFlurry,今天的化学博客也需要更新。所以,dear readers,I am in dire need of your help.

The goal is an amended top 25 list.The best of the best in chemistry — today.在下面的评论中填入链接和每个条目的简短描述,解释为什么您的选择值得它们在新的顶级列表中的位置。Self-promotion is encouraged!

I cannot wait to learn what I have been missing out on.Hit me hard!

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23 Responses to在2015年领导化学博客?

  1. Fluorine Chemist 说:

    My top choices are Quintus and In The Pipeline,also occasionally have a look at Just Like Cooking and some others and also yours!Also worth mentioning ACS Green Chemistry Institute's Nexus blog,some good stuff comes up there every now and then.

  2. tlp 说:

    我喜欢Amphoteros博客(由教授Yudin from Toronto).很多想法激发了那里的化学反应。

  3. drfreddy 说:


  4. Linda Wang 说:

    I enjoy reading Chemjobber.

  5. Chemjobber 说:

    I nominate Quintus,JLC,ITP(当然)和贝丝·哈斯。

  6. 菲利普 说:


  7. Compound Interest Reader 说:


  8. John Spevacek 说:

    Can I push my own blog,这是流变学的东西”,聚合型博客?

  9. DHChemist 说:

    Labsolutely would be my recommendation.

  10. drfreddy 说:

    我想要更多!Two things:

    2) A comment with more than two URLs gets stuck in the spam filter,所以如果你有更多,split them up in multiple comments.


  11. Jessica 说:

    A little shameless self promotion,butThe Capital Chemist,美国化学学会地方分会通讯,刚在一月份发布了一个网站。除了典型的部分新闻信息,we have an Original Articles series,where folks can write about anything chemistry-related that interests them.Topics so far have included vaccines,the cost of higher ed,政策问题,还有更多。

  12. 我们很自豪地说,美国化学物质是一个伟大的博客和资源,化学爱好者和世界各地的倡导者。


  13. drfreddy 说:

    欢迎推荐更多的博客。I'll consider all suggestions until end of March,我什么时候才能修改我的博客。

  14. Andrea 说:

    In Italy a good chemistry chem-biology blog is

  15. 研究机构 说:

    To learn organic chemistry reactions better just click on our website.This section is regularly updated by our expert.In this section we provide proper images and infographics.You can also share these blog posts to help your friends.

  16. Studyorgo 说:

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  17. titus 说:

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  18. Artem Volos 说:

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